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Customer Service Award

Kundeserviceprisen, Customer Service Award, is Norways biggest annual survey of Customer Experience in the Norwegian contact center industy.

The history

Kundeserviceprisen, Customer Service Award, is currently the biggest annual survey of customer experience in the contact center industry in Norway. It all started back in 2006 when a tv-show on NRK wanted to find the worst performing contact center in Norway. Our answer to this negative focus was Kundeserviceprisen. In 2007 the first survey was conducted in 2007. Since then Kundeserviceprisen has grown to become well recogniced and to have 181 participants in 2020. Those 181 were divided into 23 classes, or industries.

Kundeserviceprisen wants to highlight the positive side of the industry, building belief in the contact centers and pride in the work done there and the poeple doing it. We belive the contact center is in many ways a big part of the future of customer interaction and the contact centers should strive to be the best thay can be.


Every year the preparations start in the autumn. SeeYou revises all participants, classes, projectmanuals and plans the implementation. All participants get 25 contacts to their contact center. Each contact center is contacted on up to 3 means of contact. Depending on which means of contact the contact center uses, SeeYous Mystery Shoppers use telephone, e-mail or contactform, chat and Messenger. The number of contacts, 25 in total, is divided between the means of contact.

A Mystery Shopper contacting a participant can not be an excisting customer as Kundeserviceprisen is surveying the customer experience as a potential, new private customer. No b-2-b contact centers are surveyed. SeeYou prepares different and relevant roleplays for the Mystery Shoppers that they customize to fit their life and situation. This ensures that all partisipants in a class get similar roleplays and are measured accordingly. The Mystery Shoppers prepare themselves with support from the projectmanual and report their findings in a form after the contact is finished. This also ensures all contactcenters are measured on the same achivements for a fair survey.


All answeroptions are assigned a pointscore and each report gets a score according to how many points the Mystery Shoppers aswers gave in total divided with the maximum available points. The Mystery Shoppers don’t know the points for the answers and fill in the report according to how they experienced the interction with the contact center. Each report is divided in to 3 performance areas. The Mystery Shopper adds a comment to each area to describe their experience and further give insight to the experience.

All finished reports are checked daily to ensure good quality and feedback to the Mystery Shoppers. In 2020 SeeYou used 97 different Mystery Shoppers for Kundeserviceprisen. A few Mystery Shoppers contacts all participants and most contact only a handfull. The Mystery Shoppers of Kundeserviceprisen 2020 are in an agerange between 18 and 70. There are both male and female Mystery Shoppers involved from all over Norway and SeeYou strives to mirror the population as good as possible.

The winners

Winners should be celebrated! And each year Confex and SeeYou holds an Award-dinner where the results are presented and the winners celebrated. There are 1 winner for each class and one of them is the overall winner; «Contact center of the year – Best in test!». The award-dinner is a part of Call Center Dagene, a conferance held by Confex. In 2020 the results where presented and the winners revealed digitaly, because of the imposed covid-19 lockdown in Norway.

The classes

In 2020 some new classes were included. These were Ecommerce, Hotel, Collection, Member organizations and Streaming. In addition there were some changes to excisting classes; Passenger transport, Food and beverages ecommerce, Boat travel, Cruise, Travel agencies, Electronics and Alarm companies. Some classes remained as they have been; Newspapers, Bank, Car rental, Broadband, Electricity, Insurance, Mobile phone carriers, Public agencies, Transport & Logistics, TV distribution and Open class. The Open class excists for companies no sutied in any other classes. The number of participants in each class varies from year to year. The total number of participants has risen to 181, from 143 i 2019.

Performance areas, categories and CX

Each contact to a contact center is reported in a readymade form by the Mystery Shopper. This form consists of a number of questions the Mystery Shopper answers according to their experience with the current contact center. The questions are divided into 3 performance areas and 5 categories. The performance areas are Reception and Welcome, the Cusomer service represetative and the Overall impression.

For 2020 the questions are also divided into 5 categories. These categories help the contact centers identify success areas and areas of improvement. The categories are Availability, Interest, Communication, Competence and Sales. This gives different perspectives on the results of the contact center. The results also show scores for 3 areas of Customer Experience (CX): CES – Customer Effort Score, CSAT – Customer Satisfaction and NPS- Net promoter score.

The participants are scored for each contact and for the 25 contacts in total. The score is calculated on each question, as a score for each performance area, as a score for each category, as a score for each CX-question and as a total score. The posted list of results are with the total score only. The total score takes into account all 25 contacts, whether or not they are all answered within the given deadlines. Unaswered contacts are scored «0». All other scores are calculated from answered contacts.

Participant reports

After the survey Kundeserviceprisen is concluded, all participants have an offer to buy a report showing their results, both in total and for each question, area, category and CX. The report also includes all Mystery Shopper-reports for the participant to be able to analyze each contact to maximize their output from the report and read each of the comments written by the Mystery Shoppers. Finally, SeeYous Expectation Survey is included, in which SeeYou shows what customers expect from the contact center industy going forward.


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